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We rejoin the short bus in Seattle on May 12, 2014 to complete the final leg of our circumnavigation, returning home to South Carolina after a month-long trip through Canada and the United States. We’ll cover more than 6,000 miles through British Columbia and the Yukon on the Stewart Cassiar Highway before hopping onto the Alaska Highway heading toward the Canadian Rockies.  From there we’ll visit Montana, Wyoming, and Utah before taking a brief respite in the Denver area to enjoy the Rocky Mountains and another milestone: driving the Trail Ridge Road, America’s highest elevation paved road, at 12,183 feet.

From Colorado we’ll drive eastward with stops in Memphis and Nashville before reaching the Carolinas and closing the loop with our return to Charleston and a well deserved break for our trusty 1991 Thomas school bus.

We will still be posting updates and sharing footage from the road, so please keep up with our What’s New page and our tracker, starting May 12th!

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Team Dixie Chickens are driving a school bus around the world!

This crazy idea arose from our plan to participate in the Mongol Rally, July 2013, driving 10,000 miles from England to Mongolia while raising awareness and money for charities. Wander around our site to learn more, donate to charities, and be sure to cheer us on by sporting some Team Dixie Chicken wear!


Besides having tons of fun along the way, we are also raising money for Mongolia’s Lotus Children’s Centre. It is a home and school near the capital city of Ulan Baatar which provides a safe place for poor, abandoned, and abused street children. At Lotus, these vulnerable children are given food, clothing, healthcare, and shelter, as well as education and vocational training.

We are also raising money for the Adventurists’ global charity, Cool Earth/Fauna and Flora. These good folks work alongside indigenous communities to protect the world’s most endangered rainforests.


The Dixie Chicken bus left Charleston, SC in June 2013 to arrive in Southampton,England by July 1st. The Mongol Rally UK launch was July 14th from England and we traveled about 10,000 miles over 6 weeks to reach the finish line in Ulan Baatar, Mongolia by August 16th. Our journey continued another 2500 miles to Vladivostok, Russia by early September, then there was an exciting ferry ride to Japan (complete with Tsuanami), before finally putting the bus aboard a ship bound for Washington state. The tail end of our circumnavigation will continue in 2014 with a cross-country drive back home to Charleston, SC in May.

In 2012 we did our first excursion with the The Adventurists called the Mototaxi Junket. This rally offers teams from all over the world the chance to drive a small, underpowered sofa bike through the worst roads of Peru. It’s a beast of an adventure, and the teams taking part have raised impressive piles of cash for charities. After the fun we had in Peru, plans for our next adventure were in the works immediately!
Check out our 2012 Mototaxi Junket page and see why we had to sign up with these crazy people for another trip!

Leaders of the crazy Team Dixie Chickens are husband and wife Don and Sarah McLester. We recruit the craziest people we know to join us on these adventures.

3 Responses to “Follow our bus around the world!”

  1. Pietro says:

    I am an Italian writer who recently got in contact with The Adventirists to find an interesting way to run the 2013 Mongol Rally and write a reportage about it for an important international magazine. The people from The Adventurists were very helpful and – among other ideas – told me about your project. I found it great. I would be very very interested in joining your School Bus for the rally with a very well-known international phtographer: if you give me a more private e-mail I would be very happy to send you more information about us and our particular project, so we can talk more easly and maybe find some solution that satisfies everybody.
    Hoping for a response of yours, I send you my best and meanwhile congratulate you for the marvellous idea.

    Take care,

  2. Mark says:

    Don & Sarah-

    That looks like an adventure. I’ll go thru some old travel stuff and tell you places I think are worth a stop if they’re close to your route.

    Looking forward to reading about your rally. When does it start?


    • Sarah says:

      The launch is July 13, 2013. Will take 5 weeks or so to get from England to Ulan Baatar. Thanks for any and all suggestions!