Moroccan Arrival

Moroccan Arrival

13015118_1799967703568556_8810229492576484032_nThirty six hours on trains, planes, buses, and automobiles and I find myself in Marrakech in fine shape to begin the Monkey Bike Adventure. I am staying at the Marrakesh Rouge hostel which is located down twisting alleys and side streets off of the famous square. I took a walk through the square which has the most vibrant colors and array of humanity I have ever seen in one place. Hawkers of every imaginable item put the soft and not so soft sale on us as we walk.

The smell of spices and meats searing on open grills wafted over us as the sounds of flutes summoning snakes to dance for the crowds played over the plaza. Men with monkeys worked the crowd for change. I found that taking a picture of said monkey gets one tossed on my head and a not so subtle request for money by the tosser of the monkey. I settle in on the bench of one of about seventy open restaurants for a meal of meat on a stick along with Darrell my fellow hostel guest. The food is amazing with curry and other spice dishes provided to dip with the most amazing breads. The meal is served with a spice tea that is most amazing for its subtle soothing effect on the rather hot dipping sauces.

After dinner we saunter through the throngs and imbibe a different tea guaranteed to help with digestion as well as any other afflictions that might affect us. The brewer of the tea failed to mention it would also make your lips numb with all the ginger and peppers ground into it. Finding myself fading after our sedative meal and no sleep for two days we wander back to the hostel for a good night’s rest.


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