We are thankful for our sponsors and their help in fundraising for the Lotus Children’s Centre in Mongolia. Please support our wonderful sponsors you can learn more about them all at their website links below. The bus was a big hit at the orphanage.


Vapor Apparel offers high-quality performance apparel, bulk fabrics and various accessories manufactured in the Americas with the digital decorator in mind. Vapor also offers cut & sew custom garment services as well as full private label programs for personal apparel branding.


Bostick Design has 20 years in the advertising field. We can help your business succeed and grow by discovering the true story about what you have to offer, and by telling it to people who need to know.


The Nelson Printing Corporation dates back to 1844. We have stayed in business by being as committed to our customers as we are to excellent quality.


Seanachai Social Club 3157 Maybank Hwy Johns Island, SC. Owner Gerry Kieran is a native of northeastern Ireland and tends the bar at Seanachaí nightly, serving an array of fine whiskeys, gins, wines, exotic cocktails, and micro-brewed and imported ales and lagers.


Seamac Shipping  is your best choice for customs house broker and freight forwarder service in the port of Charleston, SC. Our highly trained staff is devoted to helping you with your shipping needs. The fastest service with minimal cost to the customer is Seamac’s highest priority.


The wonderful folks at generously donated a brand new GSM phone and airtime minutes for us while traveling in Europe and Central Asia.  OneSimCard is a prepaid mobile service for international travelers that greatly reduces the cost of using your cell phone or other mobile device while traveling abroad.


DCN International provides first class freight distribution and logistical services. We offer worldwide air and ocean service to both exporters and importers at very competitive rates. Our domestic services are based on using state of the art technology and carriers. We are fully licensed, fully insured and computerized.

Mail & More 636 Long Point Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29464 (843) 971-8204 ~ Shipping, printing, & business support services at competitive prices.

Tower Tire 7053 Savannah Highway Ravenel, SC 29470 (843) 889-0300  ~ Superior service and great prices for all your tire needs!

Dale Watkins with United Stationers provided school supplies, crayons, rulers, and many other needed items for the Lotus Centre in Mongolia. We presented these items to the kids while we were visiting the orphanage.


We were very fortunate to find quite a few companies and people that went out of their way to help us as we traveled across the world! One in particular is Links Ltd, the amazing folks who helped arrange our ferry crossing from Vladivostok, Russia to Sakaiminato, Japan. Yuri and Svetlana are the best in the business–if you need to get your vehicle (or anything) into or out of far east Russia, they are legend!

Another huge help was HUBB, the Horizons Unlimited website forum. If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a trip around the world, or even from one end of Europe to the other end of Asia, there is a wealth of resources available and kind folks like their forum moderator Chris, who saved our bacon when we ran into trouble with our temporary import into Japan! Many thanks to him and to HUBB!


These wonderful folks donated items for our pre-rally fundraiser! Thanks so much for your help!

  • Seanachai Social Club
  • Heather’s Hoops
  • Riverbank Vet Clinic
  • Folly Dude Natural Stick
  • All Seasons True Value
  • Bruce Jackson
  • The Fields Family
  • Mail & More
  • El Mercadito Restaurant
  • D. Brian Stone III
  • Brenda Stone
  • Cale Cauley

Thanks to all our awesome individual donors for giving us a helping hand (print) as well!

Evelyn & Tom Moore
Helen & Glenn Hicks Jeanne Gates
Lisa Gentry
Andrew Swift
Douglas Young
Christopher Ray
Irina Cunningham
Gillian Albinski
Heather & Greg Spain
Allan & Jodie Morgan
Dawn & Micah Rapoport
Pagogh Cho
Betty Burkhardt
Adam Birch
Ben & Kelsey Moore
Brooke & John Sease
Jennifer Tobias
Jenny & Mark Joczik
Sheila Scarbrough
Brandon Lisa
William Tait
Heath Thompson
Jeremy Young
Marc Sauthier
Charles Tisi

Molly Antine
Alan Ball
Thomas Hase
Audrey Weitzman
Stephen Fitzmaurice
Connie Jackson
Stephen Jackson
John & Cindy Tentinger
Carolyn & Jeremy Siegel
Jenny Stedman Fedewa
Mel Flyer
Miles Siegel
Art Silverman
Adam Fleming
Herb Killian
Greg Palmer
John Phelan
Ron Wallis
Geoff Weck
Dale Watkins
Richard Hogan
Rand Garbacz
Greg Johnson
Kevin Chalk
Charles Tisi
Garland Aycock Jr

Louisa Tobias
Joe Thompson
Eleanor Perkins
Lorraine Tyner
Judy Tolliver
Stacey Stewart
Terry & Mary Kohler
Pace Holding
Justin Davis
Ryan O’Donnell
Lyderic Champetier
Tom Badger
Jasprit Gill
Lok-yi Meetze
Mark Szelistowski
John & Jane Crain
Jennifer Page
James Theodore
Mitchell Wywiorski
Mark Shanabrough
Ted Jones
Harley Sanders
Rachel Vergara
Sherry Gross
Weston Clemmons

All our Mongol Rally riders donated to support the orphanage as well.

Jan Monaghan Cale Cauley
Tommy Schultz Pietro Grossi
Stefano DeLuigi Chris Garbacz
Eric Krause Amy Sweeting
Caroline Wheeler Johnny Bravo
Dave Edwards Lina Sanchez
Sarita Mehra

Special thanks to: Kristin Chader Bostick created our original site for the Mongol Rally and our latest update for Crossing America is courtesy of Ralph Everett.